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Occupying a New Maine Economy

Creating a State‑Owned Bank




who is occupying a new Maine economy

OccupyingaNewMaineEconomy.com is the website I've created to talk about my new book “Occupying a New Maine Economy” and to offer you an easy way to buy the book. If you are interested in learning more about how Maine citizens can work together to create a healthy Maine economy, I wrote this book for you.

An era of prosperity has been replaced by an epoch of austerity.

What can we do to change that?

  Read the book, or email me or call and we can talk about it.

  Please also contact me also if you have a group who would like to arrange for me to meet with you to talk about creating a state‑owned bank in Maine.


Randall Parr


I was born in Camden Maine and went to college at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. I was a Lieutenant Junior Grade officer in the U.S. Navy. I left the service to attend graduate school and received a Masters in Economics at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. After working as a Labor Economist, I went back to school and received a second Masters of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from Bentley College in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Maine has always been my real home. Currently I live in Appleton Maine and work as an independent data architecture consultant. This year I'm also running for District 95 House Representative. My primary goal is to work to create a Maine state‑owned bank similar to the successful state‑owned bank in North Dakota.



Together we can change the Maine economy